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Microsoft Rewards

Microsoft Rewards is a free programme that gives points for things you do every day. You’ll get points when you search on and buy things from the Microsoft Store online or in Windows 10. Check out the Rewards page. We add new ways to earn every day.

With Microsoft Rewards, you don’t have to make a promise or pay anything. It’s part of your Microsoft account, so you must sign up, stay signed in, and go.

You’ll have more chances to get great prizes as you earn more points. We make it easy to keep track of your progress toward anything you want, like gift cards, sweepstakes, and charitable donations.

If you were a Bing Rewards member before, keep going! Your account changed over to Microsoft Rewards on its own. Visit to see what’s new. Have fun!

Note: In some countries/regions, you may not get points for searching on or buying things from the Microsoft Store on Xbox.

You only need a Microsoft account to start getting rewards from Microsoft. It lets you connect to everything Microsoft with just one sign-in. Go to Microsoft Rewards right now to sign up. Follow the steps to create a Microsoft account after clicking “Sign up for free.”

If you have a Microsoft account already, that’s great! (Not sure? If you’ve ever played Xbox, used Skype, or have a Hotmail or Outlook email account, you probably have a Microsoft account. The Rewards programme is free and comes with your account. Make sure you’re signed in, go to the Rewards page, and start exploring. The same is true for people who have used Bing Rewards before. Your account was automatically switched to Microsoft Rewards, and your points went with it.

Check your Microsoft Rewards point total next to your account name on and Ensure your Microsoft account is signed in if you don’t see it.
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If you’ve recently bought something at the Microsoft Store, either in person or online, you can also find out more about your earned points. Sign in to your Microsoft account and go shopping & Earn History. Remember that Microsoft Rewards points will expire after 18 months unless you earn or spend them.

Microsoft has many rewards, such as movies, apps, sweepstakes, etc. When you have enough points to get what you want, all of the rewards eligible to be redeemed will be lit up on your Rewards page. Just click Redeem and do what it says. Visit the Redeem page whenever you want to spend money.

You can save for a big item or spend your points on smaller rewards. However you want to use your points, we’re here for you. We’ll track how far along you are with your points, so you can keep earning and spending without having to count on your fingers.

Note: If you’re here because you haven’t received a Reward you redeemed, don’t hesitate to contact Microsoft Rewards support.

There are two levels of status in Microsoft Rewards: Level 1 and Level 2. Level 2 status is earned and kept by getting 500 Microsoft Rewards points every month. How you get points doesn’t matter; they all count toward your status.

Members at Level 2 can earn five times more points on, save up to 10% on rewards from Microsoft products and services, and get access to special offers. Check your Rewards page to see if there are any new offers.

Points may be given back depending on the situation. Once you order a Reward, you can’t change your mind or send it back for a point refund. Contact Microsoft Rewards Support if you have a question about an order.

After redeeming an award, if you want to track your Microsoft Rewards order, go to the Rewards page, sign in with your Microsoft account, click Redeem, and then click Order History. Find your order on the Order History page and then look under Status.

You can also use the confirmation email sent to the primary email address on your Microsoft account to track your order. If you didn’t get a confirmation email, you could get another by clicking Resend on the Order History page. See Change my Microsoft Rewards primary email if you want to change that email address.

Sorry about the trouble. There are many reasons why a rewards order could be cancelled. Get in touch with Support, and we’ll do our best to help.

So many places to earn Microsoft Rewards

Shop at Microsoft Store

Earn points with Microsoft Store online purchases like movies, laptops, and more

Browse on Microsoft Edge

Earn points by searching with Microsoft Bing in the Microsoft Edge browser

Play on Xbox

Earn points for playing some of your favorite games and more with the Rewards app on Xbox

Search in Windows

Earn points when you start your Microsoft Bing search in the Windows Search Box.

In Conclusion – Microsoft Rewards

All of this has to do with Microsoft Rewards. I told you everything you need to know about Microsoft Rewards up there how to get Microsoft Rewards and also get it. Visit Microsoft Rewards to find out more.

FAQs – Microsoft Rewards

There is no cash value for Microsoft Rewards points. Most of the time, you’ll need about 5,000 points to get something worth $5.
If you are a MyVIP Star Rank Xbox Live Rewards member and switch to Microsoft Rewards, you will get unique benefits from Microsoft Rewards until December 31, 2023. To find out more, click here. What will happen when the MyVIP promotion ends on December 31, 2023?
There’s no cash value, but 1,000 points are about the same as a dollar. When you earn 1,000 points, your rewards are worth about that much.
$1 USD
$1 USD = 1,000 points.
robux is gone from microsoft rewards.
If you activate the punch card, you’ll get 6,000 points when you buy it on Xbox.

How many Microsoft Points per day?

Members at Level 1 can get points for up to 10 searches a day, while members at Level 2 can get points for up to 30 searches daily. How do I get points for shopping at the Xbox and Windows Microsoft Store?

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